Celina – A Vibrant and Heart Centered Guardian

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Most people today are stuck in the five senses.  It may hard for many people to accept this as fact, but it’s true.  I learned this disheartening truth at a young age, and it shaped how I communicated with others for a long time. When I met Aurora for the first time, she caught me by surprise.  How can a form of communication that is based on light exist I’d ponder.  “Yet it does, and you’ll remember much more”, her response would align to.  We are all multidimensional entities, there are no exceptions. Celina, like Aurora, as well as many others, are on this grand journey with us all. Names may not be exact, but they paint a beautiful picture for us all.

The point of this project, relates to bridging the conscious mind with the superconscious. While also using the aspects of the subconscious to do so.   As such I’m proud to introduce Celina in my writing. If you have explored my blog, you may have found her mentioned in a previous post. I’m going to slowly being more characters into my writing, so check back often for more details.

Introducing Celina

Celina, as her name implies is not unlike the Moon.  A deeply playful soul, who often takes refuge in forests of Tara.  Celina often sports a dark-green hooded garment, as she wanders the forests learning anything she about the biosphere.  Her braided hair, light blue eyes, and olive skin give her a natural beauty that few could resist.  Yet Celina is not one to slow down for anyone, she is naturally rebellious, and is constantly poking Aurora to have fun with her.  

Celina’s favorite question would probably be “But Why?”  In many ways, Aurora and Celina are very much the Sun and the Moon.  Aurora appreciates the saying, “How deep is the river when you can’t see the bottom.”  Celina’s response would align to something like, “You’ll only know if you jump in.”  Despite their differences, they get along wonderfully.  In fact, it was Celina who turned Aurora into somewhat of a rebellious character herself.  

Currently the rebellious souls have been being called to Earth for some time.  Thus, their counterparts across the multidimensional realms are reaching to them to support the effort….  Stay tuned to learn more about Celina, and others On Tara.

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