Taran Love Between Aurora and Celina

Outside The Taran Sacred Cave

Outside the Taran sun was setting; The massive blue-white star had begun its decent, and was slowly approaching the horizon.  A clear blue sky was coming alive, with flashes of light whose origins were located in places, where only the wonders could be speculated.   Both Celina and Aurora loved this time of the day, not only did it represent an approaching time of rest, but the Taran sky was the most beautiful in the Cosmos. At least to every Taran.

“Isn’t it beautiful”, Celina  said softly as the pair stood outside the cave entrance, admiring the cosmic dance that was taking place before them.  “Yes…. but it’s not as beautiful as you”, Aurora replied without a second thought.  Celina’s eyes broke with the sky, and turned to Aurora as a bight smile erupted across her face.   “You are always full of surprises Aurora Shamira, always.”  Aurora beamed back, “Well Celina Asrai, of all the wonders in the cosmos, you’ll always be my favorite by far”.  

Just as the pair were about to embrace each other, the roar from the nearby ocean caught their attention. They quickly made their way up a rocky path, which led to the top of Crystal cave. They knew the view would be exquisite, and wouldn’t take them long to reach. Aurora and Celina were in the prime of their lives, if such a thing could even be said.  Taran’s were longed lived, living hundreds of years, and  never really showing their advanced age physically.  Instead the process was seen in the aura of the individual.  As a Taran aged, their Aura would increase in brightness.  This being an indication of an elder, and eventually the Taran’s energy would be so intense that their body would be unable to contain the Taran’s essence.

When the moment came, when the body could no longer contain an essence.  The individual would simply leave their body willingly, and pass into other planes of existence while they prepared to reincarnate.  In some instances the individual, would have achieved such a state, that they would ascend to higher realities.  This was the ultimate goal of every Taran. 

The Island of Illusions

As they reached the top of the Cave, their viewpoint of the sea drastically increased.  At some distance away, Aurora and Celina watched a storm rage over an obscure looking Island.  They had been told stories of this place since childhood. The Island Of illusions it had been called by the Guardians.  Celina looked over at Aurora, “Aurora!”, she spoke loudly so her voice would overcome the waves crashing against the crystalline rocks located.   Aurora looked over a Celina, her hair blowing turbulently  in the warm sea air.   “We should head back, it’s getting late”, Celina continued.  Aurora nodded in agreement, and the two quickly made their way back the base of the cave entrance, and onto a long narrow path that made its way towards a dense forest.

The wind was much calmer on the trail and  the pair walked side by side, in perfect sync with each other.  “Celina, do you ever wonder what’s on that Island?”   Celina, didn’t miss a beat and looked at her twin. “I’m not sure, but I have a felling we will find out someday”, Celina responded. With that, the pair continued making their way to the Forest. Side by side they walked, and their Love for each other radiated outward, as they went.

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