A New But Simplistic Taran Station Poll

As we are into the Summer months in the US, and only a couple days from the Forth of July, I find myself reflecting on how fast the year is progressing. It’s been a wild ride so far this year, not only in the US, but across the planet. I would encourage everyone, no matter where you may be to take some time relax and have some fun. It may not always be possible, but we should all give it a good attempt. As such, I’ve decided to take some time this week to get out in nature and relax. BUT I thought I would introduce my First Taran Station Poll before hand.

I’m constantly trying to decide, what content to put on Taran Station and when. Sometimes it’s not as easy as I’d like, but it’s always an enjoyable experience. If you have explored the site a little bit, I would love to hear what content you enjoy the best thus far.

As such I’m I’m proud to post my first poll. It’s only one question, but it gives you, the reader, a chance to provide some feed back.

Taran Station Content Poll

Please note the poll text is in black 🙁 . I couldn’t find a way to change the color of the question text. If you’re have trouble seeing it, you can change the site color scheme to “daylight” mode by clicking on the sun Icon towards the upper right corner of the page. Also, make sure you click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the article to submit the poll.

I want to thank everyone for visiting Taran Station. AND I would like to wish everyone in the US, a very Happy Forth of July!!!

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What creative material, have you enjoyed most on Taran Station?

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