A Wonderful Eye-Opening Site Update


Hey there everyone, who may be actually visiting this Wonderful site 🙂. I wanted to give a quick update today, and touch on the changes that will be taking place on Taran Station. Taran Station is currently on track to enter its third year of operation. When I first started the site, I wasn’t sure how it would progress, nor did I have a well defined structure for it. Over last two wonderful years, I posted a range of content. Some of which, were throw back articles from a previous blog called Insightful Awakening.

I also focused on new content for the site. Related to Spirituality, Current Events, and Creative Writing. I even often blended categories, making things more interesting. However over the last week, I have become highly invested in my Taran Ascending writing pieces. These started to come to fruition sometime ago, under the Journeys of Tara category on the site.

These writing pieces are pivotal in my creative expression, and touch on my own experiences. Multidimensionally speaking. As I’ve found myself moving in this direction more, I’ve been guided by my intuition, and other things…. To have Taran Station focus solely on this Wonderful journey.

That being said, I now have a structure for the site. As a result, I have archived many of the unrelated articles on Taran Station, and they will no longer be visible. There are a couple exceptions though. First, if a post was written within the last month or so, I have decided to keep it visible on the site for a little bit longer. I’ve done this, because the piece may be still being promoted across social media. However, I will achieve these posts as well, within two or so months.

The second exception, being if an article does provide content that is uplifting, and is relevant to the Earth’s Ascension Journey. I believe these articles are important to our collective journey. I hope that anyone who has been visiting Taran Station has enjoyed my writing. Rest assured, I’m looking forward to working on the expanding story or Taran Ascending. Providing a new level of writing content.

Final Note On Copyrights

On a final note, I’ve started dropping a disclaimer in many of my pieces. It’s a simple reminder that all written content on Taran Station is the strict property of the Author, and should not be taken by anyone else for personal gain of any type. It should not be modified by anyone, other than the author. That being said, you are free to share an article, as long as you provide an attribution link back to Taran Station. OR make a clear statement within the “Share”, indicting where it came from. Please don’t pass my writing pieces off as your own. If I discover that this is the case, Legal Action may be taken.

The images located of Taran Station are generally Open Source images, that require no attribution. Or they have been generated using a Stable Diffusion model. That being said, you are free to use the images how you see fit, as long as you don’t try to pass them off as your own, and make an income off them. The open source images on the site, had that spelled out in their license when I downloaded them.

AI generated images are more fuzzy still. As such be please be mindful when using or sharing them. The models I used are public. The words used to create the images, are part of the Taran Ascending/ Journeys of Tara stories.

Anyways thank you again for visiting my Wonderful Site; The home of the Taran Ascending Journey 🙂🙏🏻.

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