Daring Secretes Of An Awesome Past;(Episode 5)


The cabin’s living room floor was cold on my feet, “Damn Aurora, I would have never guessed how nippy it got in here last night.” A sleepy statement escaped me, trying to find energy, as the sun pierced through the window behind the kitchen sink. Aurora laughed, as she poked at the fireplace trying to get some of the dim embers to spark back to life. “Oh Yes, this area gets cold at night, and holds many secretes.” She replied. I cocked my head sideways, glancing over at her. Her statement was odd, but didn’t surprise me at all. Aurora always loved to make you think, everyone back home knew that well too.

“What type of secretes are we talking about?” I asked curiously. Aurora turned to meet my gaze. “The type of secrets that tie this region to the past.” She replied, walking over to me hug me tightly again. We both stood in the middle of the living area, now trying to warm up quicker. After a few moments, we released each other from the comfort of embrace, and I walked over the front door.

Swinging it open, and letting in a now quickly rising sun. I glanced out at my jeep, and was about to retrieve my clothes and gear when Aurora tossed me a pair of slippers with rubber soles. “Throw these on you goof.” She said playfully. “You’re going to want to protect your feet, I have a surprise for you after breakfast.” I laughed, “You always have a way of keeping me guessing.” I shot back. Aurora had moved over to the counter to check the status of her power station, but looked up at me, giving one massive grin. Her way of approving of what I said.

I grinned back, before walking out of the cabin.

No Secretes In Good Food

Outside the air was cool; Morning dew had condensed on what appeared to be every blade of grass, making the yard sparkly like pure crystal. I looked off into the distance, getting a true sense of the massive forest that surrounded the cabin. “Wow!” I thought. This place was magical, but yet I still felt a little uneasy at the thought of how vast the forest was.

As I walked down the stone path, I caught something moving quickly off in the distance. It couldn’t have been more than fifty yards from where I had parked, and it moved unnaturally. Moving quickly into the forest, before I could focus on it. I immediately felt on edge, enough that I hadn’t heard Aurora make her way outside. “Are you ok love?” She called from the front steps. I turned to see her, sporting her own pair of fancy slippers, and I immediately laughed. “Yeah, just thought I saw something odd off in the distance.” I responded. Aurora’s expression changed into one of concern, and she quickly jogged over to me. “Let’s get your stuff, I saw it too.” I could tell she was just as on edge as I was.

We walked quickly to my jeep, and I was in the middle of grabbing a duffle bag of gear when Aurora shouted. Causing me to jump up in alarm. “DUDE! You modified your jeep, to run on currents of the atmosphere?” I relaxed when I realized what had excited her. She had opened the hood and saw a small Taran module I had installed. I laughed, giving a big cheesy smile. “You know me Twin, I can’t help myself.” Aurora spent another moment admiring the modification, before slamming the hood down. “You’re full of surprises yourself mister.” She laughed.

I smiled again, tossing her a bag, while I grabbed my power station and accessories. I shut the jeep door, and we made our way back to the cabin. About half way to the front steps, I was hit with the most alluring aroma coming from within it. “Were you able to make french toast?” I asked. Aurora beamed at me, “You know it, with orange juice and eggs!”.

I couldn’t believe it, even 100 years after the collapse, we were still trying to remember how to make the foods of the “Old World”. “Wow A., you are really are fully of surprises.” Aurora gained at me again, “There are no secrets in good food either. Only in the super secret cook book I found exploring an old boat house not too far from here.” I laughed, as we raced back to the cabin as fast as we could.

Technologies Of The Ascension Revisited

We both reached the front door at the same time, entering through in unison. We dropped my gear in the bedroom, and quickly made our way back into the living area. Aurora had a plate of french toast, eggs and a glass of fresh orange juice waiting for us. Next to my plate was a small napkin with flowers on it, which had a message. “We are One, Always”. The sight of it caused a surge of emotion to race through my body. Aurora, glanced at me teary eyed. “I held on to that, from our last conversation”.

Aurora and I had often conversed telepathically when we were away from each other. Even though it could be difficult, depending on our surroundings. I smiled. Walking over to her and giving her another giant hug. She squeezed me tight. It could be strange for some, to see how often we embraced each other, but for us there was no greater bond.

The smell of the food was calling to us both, so without anymore delay we released each other, sat down, and ate side by side for the first time in years. It wasn’t until we were through our meal, did Aurora lean back in her chair, pull a piece of paper out of her pocket and toss it to me. “Does this look familiar love?” She asked.

It was the same diagram I saw on her bedroom desk, when I arrived the night before. Now looking at it with proper lighting, I could make out some kind of odd looking platform. Made of materials that wouldn’t typically be found on the planet, especially after the collapse. A variety of symbols, in the margins of the diagram caught my attention. I couldn’t believe it, they looked to be Andromedan codes. More specifically they looked eerily similar, to that of the Ascension’s transport beacon.

The platform itself wasn’t familiar, but the codes definitely were related to the Ascension. “Aurora, this is incredible, where did you find this?” I asked puzzled. Aurora was silent for a moment, as if she was trying to find the words to communicate. “This is the very strange part love, I found it in the same place I found that the cook book, in that old boat house I mentioned earlier. It appeared to be deserted for some time, but it had a lot of odd stuff in it.”

“Such as?” I pushed for more information. “Well..,” she started, “For one there was a big engraved diagram on wall of the building, of supposedly an abandoned town in the region. As well as a reference to a point on the lake, where storms form naturally.” As she spoke, the thought of the odd storm over the lake crossed my mind.

Aurora continued, “I ran the diagram through my communicator, and it indicated it was Andromedan. As soon as I verified it, I contacted you”. I must of been deep in thought, because I didn’t say anything for a few moments. Aurora eventually broke the silence. “Are you ok?” I snapped out of my train of thought. “Yes. Aurora, we need to investigate this. This makes no sense, at least at the moment anyway.” Aurora’s eyes got big, and a smile formed across her face. “A little adventure it is then!” she shouted. I laughed, my Twin always loved her adventures.

There are No Secretes Between Twins

“Can you take me to this boat house?” I asked. Aurora’s eyes lit up even more, “I sure can! But first you should get cleaned up. I want to get my gear ready, we can pick up the mess here later.” With that I got up, thanked Aurora for the wonderful breakfast, and made my way into the washroom.

The water temperature was exquisite, and every muscle in my body relaxed, as I let it run down my back. Thoughts of the Ascension raced through my mind. It had been literally been lifetimes since its destruction. And it took a long time, for me to actually pull down the information in my current state. Aurora and I used to practice remembering our past lives, before going on these types of adventures. But that is yet again, a story for another time.

I was almost in a meditative state, letting my head hang loose, as I rinsed off soap and shampoo, when I felt two hands grip my shoulders. Aurora’s voice echoed in my head, “Surprise, my turn!” Somehow she had managed to sneak into the shower without me even noticing. She started massaging my shoulders intensely, causing me to relax even more, and moan softly.

I loved her touch, there was nothing like it. It was as if mind, body, and soul went into every motion. As if the secretes of the Universe themselves were working my node points in my shoulders. I moaned louder, “Aurora……” She responded by moving slowly into my upper back and kissing my neck a the same time.

“You love this”, I heard her voice echo in my head. She started to make her way to my lower points, but I couldn’t resist, I spun around and kissed her…. Hard….I felt her tongue enter my mouth, with the same intensity. We both felt energy rush up the other’s back, which caused us to tighten our grip on each other.

Images of our past, once again danced between the telepathic bond we shared. I looked into her eyes, and smiled, “My turn!” I telepathically shot at her. Before she could react, I slide my hand down between her legs, pushing my fingers into her. She moaned softly…. “Keep going!”, she shot back at me, tightening her muscles around my fingers. I grinned, looking up at her, only to chirp, ” You like it the human way too”

She grinned back at me, reaching down to dig her nails into one of my shoulders. Forcing me to thrust my fingers into her deeper. Massaging wildly as I went. She sent out a loud moan, while starting to ride my fingers. Her eyes said it all…. “Keep going Love”.. I massaged so intensely my fingers almost cramped.

I was up to just above my knuckles in her, when the sensation of my now throbbing dick, was heavy on my mind. At this point we were both moaning with each other, and even our skin started to glow. A side effect of the intensity of our bond. “Love!….” She moaned heavily…… “Do it!”…. I knew what she wanted and nodded. I pulled my fingers of her, only to replace the with my tongue. She screamed in pleasure, and it was a good thing the cabin had no neighbors. She tasted so good, like a light honey. She was intoxicating, and I lost myself in the passion. It wasn’t until I felt her tense up, did I prepare myself for that was coming next, within moments, my mouth was drenched with Aurora’s fluids. And like her the night before, I swallowed them all.

Only removing my tongue, when I thought I couldn’t get any more from her. I stood up, facing her with an expression of awe on my face. She kissed me hard again, tasting her own fluids on my tongue. She then leaned back, reaching down and grabbing my dick, before sliding it inside of her.

A shock wave on energy surged through my body, and I didn’t wast any time thrusting into her wildly for a second time in 24 hours. I moaned loudly, and she intensified my thrusting by wrapping her legs around my waste, while leaning heavily against the shower wall. It was pure delight, nothing could compare to her. Aurora then pushed off the wall balancing herself around my waste, and started bouncing as hard as she could as I thrusted into her. I pushed so deep into her, that I felt the warmth of her energy flow into my lower body.

It was at this point, that for the first time in a number of minutes, words escaped my mouth…. “I’m going to explode in you!!!”…. Aurora shouted back…. “Do it lover, I want all of it!!!” She reached down, grabbing my balls with one hand and squeezing. Causing me to give a final deep thrust into her, only to be met with her tightening around my dick. I screamed with pleasure, as I erupted in her, flooding her with every drop I had.

Our bodies quivered, and we giggled in each other heads. Aurora unwrapped herself from me, and I pulled out. I kissed her softly, embracing her for another moment, and reflecting on what just had occurred. There are never any secretes between us, and Sex was the norm for connecting deeply with each other.

The silent reflection was interrupted by a high pitched beeping sound, coming from the bedroom. Aurora looked at me, “Is that your communicator?”, she asked. “I think so”, I responded. It was weird, neither one of us had received any other messages from other Wanderers in a long time. So It caught us both by surprise.

Aurora quickly turned off the shower, and we exited in a hurry.

Incoming Transmission

I tossed Aurora a towel gently, and wrapped one around myself. I rushed into the bedroom, to hear my communicator continuing to beep in my bag. Quickly I reached into a pocket on the front of it, found my wristband and put it on. Only to be greeted by a popup holographic display. I couldn’t believe it, standing in plain clothing was Andrez, another wanderer Aurora and I knew well.

Andrez was a happy go lucky guy, always seeing the best in everyone he came into contact it. In the past, it had often caused some heartache for him, as he often tried to help some of the most injured souls. But that was many years ago, lifetimes ago. More recently Andrez, was one of the wanderers who usually stayed closer to the coasts. Like me, he loved the water, especially the Ocean. We actually had picked straws, on who would get to remain by the coast this time around. To my dismay he won, but I still got to take up shop in a cool place.

“Hello there bro!” Andrez’s voice was cheery. “Drew!” I shouted, which was a nick name that I had often called him. “It’s been a long time, what’s happening?” “Apollo! It has been a very long time.” I laughed, Apollo was a nick other wanderer’s had for me. Some would joke and call Aurora and Me, A&A. But yet again, it’s a story for another time.

“Apollo, I’ve been picking up chatter over my communicator…Strange chatter.” Drew’s face went from the typical cheery to concerned”. “Where is the communication coming from?” I asked. “Here’s the odd thing. It’s coming from what appears to be the middle of no where.” Drew replied. Before I could respond he sent me a topographic map, of where the signal was coming from. I couldn’t believe It, the location was coming from deep within in the very forest Aurora and I were placed currently.

“Hello Drew!”, Aurora’s voice broke the temporary silence. Aurora was now standing beside, standing fulled dressed in her hiking gear. Well she was wearing a Taran survival uniform. They were designed to keep us safe from the elements, and integrate with our wrist bands. I admired her choice in style. Her’s was a dark green, with areas of black. It made her look bad ass, and to be honest caused my mind to draft back to what we had just finished doing. Aurora picked up on it, and flashed me a smile.

“Aurora! why does it not surprise me, you two are finally together again. “Andrez laughed. Aurora and I joined in. “Drew, Aurora and I currently are in that very forest, where are you?” I asked. “I’m actually heading that way myself, with a friend. We are heading to an old hiking outpost. It’s not directly in the area, but within twenty or so miles of it.”

I was about to ask Drew who his friend was, when he blurted out…”Hey let’s meet up, we can catch up in the process as well”. I looked over at Aurora, and she nodded in agreement. “Excellent Idea!” I replied. “Send me your travel point”. Another beep chirped from my communicator, and with it Drew’s location and destination. “Point received my friend”. Aurora looked at the destination, and thought for a moment. “Drew, we can be there in a little over a day. Stay safe, this area has some odd things going on it”. Her demeanor was serious. Drew nodded, “Will do. We will see you soon. Oh and you two, don’t get into too much trouble. Everyone knows what could happen when A&A are together.”

Drew laughed, which caused Aurora and laugh as well again. “Will do my friend”. I replied. With that, I shut down the display on my communicator, leaving Aurora and I alone to converse.

Aurora looked and me, “Come on Lover, you have to get your uniform on. I have another surprise for you, it’s in the shed outback”…. I forgot I had been standing in a towel for sometime now. “Will do my love.” I replied. Aurora and I exchanged adventurous looks, as she walked out of the room to wait for me to get ready, and I begun digging through my bag, looking for more gear…..

Author’s Note

Hey all, I hope you enjoyed episode five of the Taran Ascending story. If you missed the other episodes, and would like to read them, you can do so by clicking the below links. And Remember, all work on Taran Station is the property of the Author.

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