The Unparalleled Love Between Aurora and I; (Episode Three)


I followed closely behind Aurora, entering her bedroom only moments later. “Love”, she said, “I want to get cleaned up, give me a few minutes before you join me.” With that, she gazed into my eyes, walked over and gave me another soft kiss on the cheek. Then turned and walked into the small washroom closing the door behind her.

I felt my heart start to race in anticipation; It had been a great while, since Aurora and I had been together. You see, there is a secret between her and I. We have always been One; Both Taran Wanderers, both committed to an ever expanded journey of going where is needed, and both always being connected no matter where we went. No distance could break such a bond. So although, it had been a number of years since we were physically in the same place together, we had never really been apart.

Love is a multidimensional thing. It goes beyond the basics of physical need and instinct. I felt myself begin to calm, and noticed the soft scent of lavender coming from the bathroom. “Love, join me”, she called softly from the shower. I wasted no time, and opened the bathroom door, being hit with the warmth of steam, the scent of lavender, and the sound of a strong shower head all at once.

If Love Had A Name…………

Aurora’s clothing was laid neatly, on a small end table in the corner of the room. Above it a slightly opened window, which allowed some of the steam to escape, and some of the sounds of the night to enter. I quickly removed my clothing and laid it next to her’s, laughing to myself, as I observed our color preferences. She always loved the color red, and its various shades. Her uniform in the fleet was often a solar red variation. Aurora was one hell of a fighter pilot too, but that is a story for another time.

With that I turned, slid the shower curtain back, and entered. The scent of lavender was at its peak, and was extremely intoxicating. When I entered Aurora turned to look at me, the hot water and steam dripping off her dark hair, rolling down her body. Everything about her was beautiful, even the battle scar she had across her shoulder, a wound from a long forgotten conflict which still lingered.

“Love, It’s been hard to be away for so long. I’ve dreamt of this moment for some time now.” She whispered in my ear, lightly pushing her body up against mine. “It’s been way too long A. I’ve dreamt of you, every night since we’ve been apart.” I softly whispered back to her. Aurora’s eyes lit up, and she kissed me hard. So hard that, the telepathic bond between us exploded. We could see each other’s experiences, the ones we missed. The emotion of the kiss deepening within both of us, but before it could overtake either of us, she pulled away. “Not Yet!” She exclaimed, while giving one of her classic Aurora grins.

Love The Chakra Points

Aurora turned to face the shower head, sliding her back against my chest. I slowly started to massage her shoulders, as she closed her eyes, and let the hot water wash over her head. I could feel the electricity of her skin, as I massaged the node points in the area. Slowly making my way from her shoulders, to the center of her upper back. Aurora moaned softly, pushing her ass up against my crotch hard. I heard her chuckle in my head, as a shock wave of energy surged up my back. “Did you like that Love? It’s so Human, but I can tell you enjoy it.” I sent out a soft moan in approval, and kissed the back of her neck softly, before continuing to make my way down her back.

When I reached her mid back, I massaged the points between her ribs, which caused her to reach down and dig her nails into my leg. I smiled and thought back at her, “Did you like that Love, I know you loved it.” Aurora spun around smiling at me… “Go lower.” She said assertively. Only to turn again, letting the water return to the back of her neck.

I continued to move lower down her back, hitting her major points softly but with force. Aurora moaned louder, and her body quivered with increasing currents of sexual energy. When I reached her most sensitive areas, I put more pressure on them, working them harder. Aurora, let out a loud moan, arched her back into me, pushing her ass into my crouch even more.

The feeling coming from her, made me ecstatic, causing my dick to respond. I had been trying to control the intensity up to that point, but it was becoming increasingly hard.

Aurora raised up one of her legs, and rested it on the edge of the shower. Without delay I arched back against her, pushing deep inside her. The energy surged between both our bodies, as we thrusted against each other. Moaning deeply within each other’s minds.

I griped A’s hips hard, thrusting harder than ever, feeling an electrical current push further up my back. The water now flowing fully down A’s back and over our connected bodies. She took control, quickly bouncing on my dick as I supported her, by gripping her thighs. Images flooded both of our minds, of our entire history, causing us to moan loudly in perfect sync. I found myself ready to explode, but before I could think too much of it, I felt her contract completely around me. What followed was a wave of fluid and energy that washed over my dick, running down both of our bodies.

I pulled out of her, and Aurora tuned and looked at me. “You…!” She started to say, but before she could say anything else she grabbed me, hugging me tight, and resting her head on my shoulder. “I love you so much, it had been so hard not to be with you in this matter. I often wondered If you had found someone else, and had forgotten about me”. Aurora’s voice was quivering, and I was shocked she would even suggest such a thing. “Twin…. Aurora, you know that could never happen.” I quickly responded. “I’ve also felt the strain from being away from you, I love you more than the cosmos itself Aurora, I always will.” With that Aurora, looked up at me, smiling and giving me a tighter hug. Our bodies dripping with water which was quickly becoming cooler.

Sweet Dreams are Perfect

Aurora must of picked up on my thoughts, when the water started to loose its temperature. “Wait”, she said. “I’m not down with you, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t finish you off”. Before I could say anything, Aurora gripped my dick softly, while looking into my eyes. “Sensual or erotic?” She asked. I started to feel more electricity flow up my back as she played with me. “Aurora……. Sensual” I moaned.

Aurora smiled, “I know you oh so well” she quipped, now grinning. Aurora started stroking me, looking deep into my eyes as she did it. I couldn’t help but moan louder and louder as she continued. At one point she kissed me, slightly biting my lip, making sure not to miss a beat. “Yes Aurora!!” I moaned.

Aurora grinned wider, cupping my balls with her other hand, and stroking my dick harder. I found myself thrusting into her hand, which caused her to moan along side me again. By this point I couldn’t hold back, and she knew it. I felt myself tensing up, the energy surging through me. Just as I thought I couldn’t go any longer, Aurora dropped down, and took me into her mouth, flicking the head of my dick with her tongue. That was it, I couldn’t hold out, I exploded in her mouth, and she took every drop of it. I couldn’t believe it, she always knew exactly what to do. Which shouldn’t have surprised me at all.

She stood up, released me, and we just stood there starting into each other eyes for a few more moments. By this time the water was cold, and we both laughed as our skin was becoming water logged. “Let’s get some rest Love, we can talk about what I found in the morning.” I nodded in agreement. With that Aurora turned off the shower and stepped out.

I followed her, and we quickly dried off with a pair of towels that she had waiting for us. We made our way back into her bedroom and she pulled out a bin of clothing she had under her bed. Laughing as she tossed me a pair of long johns and fleece pajamas. “It’s not perfect, but they will keep you warm, we can get your gear out of the jeep in the morning.” She said. I smiled and responded, “It will do perfectly.”

Aurora pulled another pair of fleece pajamas out for herself, and we quickly got dressed. After which she pulled a couple of heavy blankets out from under her bed as well , and got her bed ready for sleep. Although it was small, we both fit comfortably . We cuddled up against each other, which added warmth to the blankets.

“Love”, her voice broke the silence, “Thank you for coming”. I rested my head on her shoulder, “I wouldn’t have missed this moment, for all the gold in the past”. Aurora laughed, knowing exactly what I meant. “I love you A. I whispered in her hear”. “I love you too”, she responded. And with that we fell asleep, in the warmth of her rustic bedroom.

Author’s Note:

Hey all, I hope you enjoyed episode three, of the Taran Ascending Series. This one was a tad erotic, and I had to laugh because I wasn’t planning on writing it like this. But as with anything when it comes to this project, it’s on the fly…. If you missed the last episode of the series, you can read it by clicking here. Episode four will be out soon, so check back often. Cheers.

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