The Pitfalls of Taran Love On Earth

Love is the strongest force in the Cosmos. Every Taran knows this, and it’s no secrete to many other worlds as well. Yet on Earth, the “Pursuit of Love”, has led to many wounds. It is not uncommon for even a Wanderer to feel the “Sting of Love” on Earth.

There is a misconception, that when a Wanderer comes into a system, for whatever task, they will have an advantage over all the inhabitants of the planet in question. This simply isn’t the case; There is a reason why, negative oriented beings don’t typically choose to comeback into a system of lesser density, once they ascend beyond it.

They would be subject to the laws of the System, and risk getting entangled. This is one thing, they wouldn’t prefer to do. Thus, almost all Wanderers are of a positive orientation, and are the rebels that seek to work from within a system.

They are the ground crew, and only though hard work and determination, can they crack the veil enough to remember more profound aspects of themselves.

The Concept of Love On Earth

Currently on Earth, people tend to go on grand quests to find love. My friends, love is a state being, and can’t be reduced to an emotion, nor any one act. There are beings in existence that radiate love, and to be in their presence would be Divine Bliss. However, for the purpose of this post, I’m going to stick to the pursuit of romantic love on Earth. As it tends to cause problems for a lot of people.

I’ve certainly had my lessons with it, while on Earth too!

On Earth many people look for others to love them, they think that they will be complete it they find “The One”. They want to feel safe, secure, happy, and successful. The negative influences on Earth, have gone out of their way, to promote the idea that you have to find your prince or princess to save you. That someone else is going to make you happy, and once you find the right person everything will be magical and good. You won’t have anything to heal yourself, you just have to find the right person that will heal you.

When you fail in these grand quests, you feel like a failure and hopeless. This affects your vibration, which feeds the negative forces on the planet. Most of which, choose to be invisible to human eyes.

The truth is, we must heal our own wounds, only then will love begin to make sense. Yet, many people punish themselves by repeating the same situations, only to end up with the same outcome and completely drained of energy.

I’m certainly not going to judge or lecture anyone. Instead I’m going to do something different. I’m going to share one of my profound experiences with you, and I think it will resonate with many people. So sit back and enjoy the story.

A Wanderer’s Experiences With Earth Love

Like so many people on Earth, I grew up feeling awkward with my physical body. I never thought of myself as overly attractive, nor did I have the a great amount of confidence in myself. I suffered with depression and anxiety all through my teens. On top of that, I had to navigate deeply spiritual experiences, which took a lot to get used to.

As such, while my friends were chasing romantic interests, I was dealing with just trying to understand why I had such different experiences from them. Such as dealing with unseen influences, that no one else seemed to notice.

The end result was, I was often the odd ball. When my friends would brag about how many people they had slept with, all I could do was listen and not engage. As I had not had those experiences. Thinking back on it now, my friends must of thought I was really strange.

All I knew was, I wanted more than a quick bedroom episode. I wanted to feel the mind, body, soul connection with someone. Not just physical lust, for a quick release.

I often dreamt of being back with my counterpart, and eventually those dreams resulted in me looking for that type of connection here. That’s when things went south.

A long Line of Similar Lessons

I recently heard someone say, “There is always a long line of people , who will be willing to teach you the same lesson.” How true this is, as I certainly have learned that. In my case I found many people, who wanted to befriend me because I was a nice person, and I was empathic to their situations.

I suppose you an call it the Empath’s curse lol. I’m not going to share all the details in a single post, but let’s just say I was beyond naive. Usually what would occur, is I would become friends with someone due to my empathic nature, and an element of attraction between both parties. The person would then flirt with the idea of romance with me. Sometimes this would last for years…. Keeping me wrapped around their fingers. But eventually they would disappear from my life.

I actually had someone tell me once, that they “Loved how I made them feel about themselves.” What a wonderful red flag, that I ignored for a long time. What’s funny is, whenever there was a real chance of romance, the person would bail, or act like they never had an interest in me. They just wanted their “Friend” that was there to listen to their issues, and provide emotional comfort.

As you can imagine, things like this take atoll. There is a reason I named this post “The Pitfalls of Taran Love on Earth”. Perhaps I just didn’t understand Romance on Earth. But these experience stung and to make them more painful, as soon as one would end, a similar experience would begin again.

The False Twin Flame

I’m going to end tonight, with the most profound lesson I’ve had in this arena. It’s only been a number of months too, since this particular journey ended for me. Yet, I’ve never felt more free then I do now.

The painful situation I had, took place over a long six years. With someone who I called my Twin. For six long years, the person would come in and out of my life, in various ways. Usually we’d communicate via email or text. As they would always had a rational for not being able to meet in person. Of the six years of interacting, they spent five of them never showing up in person. Over half a decade!!! Yet we were constantly tied together. We rarely went more than a week or two without talking.

And to be honest, while I didn’t have romantic feelings for the person for some time… I needed up loving them deeply. The funny thing was, they were awful to me. I always remembered their Birthday, and the Holidays they loved. I always made myself available when then needed me, I always was there when they were in a shitty situation and needed to talk.

Yet, it was never reciprocated… none of it. When we would get in a fight, I would always be the one to apologize, even when I shouldn’t have. We even went though several periods, of not talking to each other because of a fight, only to come back to each other later.

Eventually I told them I had romantic feelings for them. They responded by telling me that the feelings wen’t mutual, but we should still be able to be friends. Just incase feelings changed. They would often tell me how great they were in bed, knowing I never had those experiences. They would flirt with the idea being more than friends too, only to get a rise out of me. Eventually I absolutely had enough, and we went our separate ways.

Think It’s Over…..Nope

Only to receive a phone call months later, with them saying in the first five minutes of the conversation, “You should date me”. They knew how I felt, and of course I was open to it. Yet, within a two weeks of use reconnecting again, they were telling me they just needed time to deal with somethings, because they didn’t want to loose me.

We spent a whole Summer doing things together, having fun, laughing smiling, but like always one day they decided to tell me they never had feelings for me. Of course this came right after, they once again found someone else they wanted to “explore”. Naturally I was devastated. What followed was them spending months gas lighting me and pushing me away, only to come back when their interests fell flat.

The End of A Pattern

Eventually it got so bad, I couldn’t take it anymore. I told them exactly what I thought about it all, and I did it in person, face to face. I never thought I would actually stick up for myself in that manner, but I did. That evening was the last evening I ever saw them, and since that evening things have changed. I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to the “Pursuit of Love on Earth”. You need to love yourself, love yourself enough to be willing to heal yourself. Then and only then will love truly being to make sense.

Twin Flames do exist, but on Earth they are romanced so much that we walk into unnecessary heartaches. Trust yourself, and you can never fail. Anyways I hope you’ve enjoyed this very human experience from a Taran Wanderer.

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