The Irresistibly Attractive Girl of Dragonborn

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The Cosmos is so vast, full of various beings that inhabit not only physical worlds, but endless dimensions of possibility. Every Wanderer knows the risk of coming into a system that is not under friendly control. On Tara we are taught, that anything is possible, and we may find ourselves in situations that we least expect. Especially on worlds where the opposite polarity has a presence. For some Wanderers the challenge is more attractive.

So many sent some of their best. The ones who had specialities that were specific for Earth. Some who came, saw the beginning of this conflict. Some were diplomats, some were scientists, some were warriors, some were healers, but all were committed. All heard the Nobel call of Earth and its people. All were lights in the darkness, and all were seen by the controllers to some degree.

The House of The Dragon

When I was younger, I used to think every being in creation, would choose to honor all other beings. Perhaps I was naive, or perhaps I was simply optimistic. We are all One after all. The concept should make since to all beings. But many times it doesn’t, resulting it dramas playing out across the cosmos.

All calling for Wanderers to spring into action. We are the renegades after all. Attractive as they may sound to some, it’s not always enjoyable.

During my early days on Earth, I saw many dramas play out. Certain selves that thought it is was their right to rule, repeatably were seduced by beings who did not have their best interests at heart. Not only were they seduced by power and control once, they followed the same path through the ages. Incarnating, only to fall for the same tricks.

There is reason, why the elites of this period, trace their heritage to bloodlines of ages ago. They trace them with pride, not knowing the behavior as led to their enslavement. Though, they view others as the slaves, and themselves as special. This couldn’t be further of the truth. Their actions have lowered their vibration so much, it has effected their energetic bodies. Resulting in a profound degradation in the physical body they inhabit.

This is not normal aging, but rather the result of distortions within the heart chakra.

The beings they interact with, take pleasure feeding off the life force provided to them. Though many of these beings do have a life cycle. They are not immortal to the degree the elite believe. They are simply ahead of humanity.

If these beings ruled over a House in a dystopian movie, we could call it, “The House of The Dragon”.

The Attractive Dragonborn Girl

It’s not uncommon for Wanderers to attract the attention of various beings. When I was growing up, I constantly had to deal with all sorts of energies. Often I would have beings approach me, when I was trying to sleep, or in the early mornings when waking up. Some of my experiences were pleasant and some were far from it. Though every experience taught me something.

One thing I learned from unpleasant experiences, was how certain beings would use Astral manipulation, or dream manipulation if you prefer. I also learned how to speak up for myself and cleanse my space.

I even learned it was ok to ask for help, from positive beings when you were experiencing negative greetings.

You may be wondering why I referenced an “Attractive Dragonborn Girl” in this article. One of the beings that would approach me, would be an attractive girl. Over a long period of time, I realized that this being wasn’t what she appeared to be. But rather was showing me an image that I was comfortable with.

I will leave it here for now, as that part of my story will continue at a later time. A little suspense is good from time to time :).

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